Mobile App Development

We choose the best app building technology depending on project nature and client requirement. We have a dedicated app development team who are expert in c#, java, Kotlin, cross platform flutter and many more.

Mobile app development service

Importance of mobile app for a business

A smartphone has a unique way to present information to the end users. They become more popular because of their compact size and mobility. Now a days approximately 3.5 billion people worldwide own a smartphone. Mobile app increase visibility and accessibility to customer at all times. Also, a mobile app encourages customer to be loyal with a specific brand. App has some unique features like push notification to interact with the customer directly with promotions and company updates.

PeopleNTech as a Mobile App developer

We apply the best mobile app development techniques for developing our client's app. Our main objective is to create a rich interface that is stunning and revolutionary at the same time. As a leading mobile app development company in Bangladesh, we use cutting-edge technology for app making. Our expert development team is divided into three sub-groups and they are the product design team, development team, and testing team.

Our Mobile app making solutions are:

  • Customized phone app development for B2C business
  • Phone app development for B2B business
  • App design and development for travel and fintech industry
  • MVP design and development for startup

App Design and development process of PeopleNTech

No matter what is your business and how big it is, our development team takes every business seriously. We believe in customer satisfaction. We follow agile methodology to work in a project.

No matter what is your business and how big it is, our development team takes every business seriously. We believe in customer satisfaction. We follow agile methodology to work in a project.
After taking confirmation from the client about his / her product design our top phone app developer will concentrate in app building process. In this part they (App Developer) will choose the best suitable technology and platform for your app in the purpose of making this app sustainable scalable and fastest responsive.
We know the emotional attachment of your dream. And how it is valuable to you. After finishing the coding part our QA team will ensure the quality and testing. They will do manual automatic testing and give a feed back to our core developer team. After being full satisfy we will hand over the final product to you.

Our app Development Platforms

We are equally professional of developing phone app in every platform

Android apps are suitable for basically Linux based operating system. Nowadays they are very popular in worldwide. It is an open source so accessibility and production cost are much suitable that others.
These apps are only operable in ISO operating system. Such app is built for iPhone, iPod, iPad
An app creation technology where an app will operate in various platform like android, ISO, Windows. They are getting more popular with the time.

Technologies We Used

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  • 1 What platform/technology do you build your websites on?

    We build websites on different technologies. Like PHP Laravel, WordPress, Drupal,Joomla etc. As we are competent with a wide range of technologies, we always try to serve our client with latest one that suits client’s requirement.


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Every impression counts when it comes to capturing customers online. Now more than ever, your online image is essential to the success of your business.

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Project Manager of virgin Atlantic

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