Sajjad Hossain


Hi, this is Sajjad Hossain. Web Development Professional with comprehensive knowledge. I have been working with web technology for a couple of years.

I'm skilled in a number of critical technologies; including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, MySql, and PHP.

My experiences and skills developed have been especially strong in PHP. I have found Laravel among the best framework available in web development so far, so I am especially enthusiastic about Laravel.

Moreover, I can handle CMS works, especially with the Wordpress, where I have built corporate site, blog site, and personal portfolio.

In addition, I have the practical knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.

Obviously, I use Git for code management and Trello for task management. I also use IDE for development (JetBrains PhpStorm) and work from a windows environment.

My goal is not to complete the task, but complete it in the best possible way.

Learning something new means a lot to me, that's why I like to get connected with the latest technology and love to learn more about web technology. I’m also interested in reading books and travel.