Mamun Rahman

IT Manager

Having system administrator role with over 10+ years of diversed experience in leading various projects in IT sector including being a strong global strategist, project management professional. I feel I can step forward to accept any given responsibilities, handle problematic situations with poise and a proven team player. I believe that my diverse experience in different continents, business and areas shall play a vital role for my employer I also intend to deliver my best efforts to bring both organizational and personal success and work with the IT industry.

Technology Expertise:
• Switching Technology: VLAN, STP, RSTP, Port Security in Cisco & MikroTik Switches.
• Routing Technology: BGP, OSPF, BFD, P2P, IP Subnetting, Access-List, Route Distribution, Route Filtering in MikroTik and Cisco Router.
• Security Technology: Firewall, DMZ, VPN, and NATing in Sophos, Cisco and MikroTik.

Based On Linux/Unix:
• Installing, Configuring and Management of Web Servers, cPanel/WHM, DNS Server, Mail Server, FTP Server, VPN Server, Samba File Server, Proxy server and Log server, tec..

Based On Microsoft:
• Installing and configuring Windows server including Active Directory, File Server DNS, DHCP and Group Policy Object, etc.