Engr. Abubokor Hanip

Founder & CEO

Mr. Hanip is an Engineer by profession and serving the community for the last twelve years. He is spreading his model and service in USA, Canada and beyond.

Mr. Hanip came to the United States in 1995 and quickly realized that an advanced education was the only way to enter the mainstream of American Society and enjoy that lifestyle. Upon completing his degree studies, he entered the profession of Information Technology (IT). He soon discovered that he was often the single Bangladeshi in his work place. With great innovation he determined that he would establish a program of training to help other Bangladeshi expatriates enter this same mainstream life. To do so he established a training system in his own home in 2004, inviting these students, Bangladesh citizens in the US to stay at his home every weekend and he taught them what they needed to enter the profession as IT professionals.

Such an endeavor has been a unique experience for Mr. Hanip to come up with a new realization that, rapidly changing needs in technological expertise can effectively be met through boosting skills of the potential IT professionals through comprehensive and practical training in Real-life exercises.

From that humble beginning, and Mr. Hanip’s desire to share the good fortune he enjoyed, the PeopleNTech Institute of Information Technology (www.peoplentech.com) was born. Since its inception, Mr. Hanip’s institute has successfully trained and placed over 2000 students into IT positions. These students came from all walks of life, including cab drivers, gas station attendants, restaurant waiters and college students. These 2000 people are now making on the average of $200,000 US each year. That makes a total of two hundred million US dollars! Now, there are more than 2000 families are enjoying the benefit of Mr. Hanip’s efforts and dedication. And because the average Bangladeshi expatriate has the habit of sending on average 10% of their earnings home to Bangladesh, that is an impressive Twenty million US dollars entering the economy of their homeland each year just only by Mr. Hanip’s dedication.

As of now PeopleNTech Institute of Information Technology (PIIT), Inc. has built its capacity to train around 300 students per semester. With classes held simultaneously in classrooms in New York, New Jersey, VA, and live online in all parts of the United States, India, Bangladesh, Canada, & Europe, PeopleNTech Institute of Information Technology (PIIT), Inc has updated it’s course curriculum to include the most demanding and industry standard technical skills, coupled with effective dissemination techniques and Real-Time Project Based Training approach. PeopleNTech Institute of Information Technology (PIIT), Inc. believes that it’s efforts have resulted in the creation of a productive group of professionals much needed at this time and in the US Economy in broader perspectives. So it is gladly taking further steps to increase its training facilities and opening doors for the potential IT professionals in Bangladesh as well.